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Red Bench chaise lounge luxury bedroom decoration

Interior chaise lounge chairs add a distinctive design element and style to various rooms in your home They can be the perfect fit for comfortable seating in your living room office library home study or bedroom As a functional alternative to a couch or traditional sitting area this seating option comes in a variety of styles materials and designs to match the decor of your homeChaise lounge is a chair which has an extended seat in order for the feet to be placed on it The name is derived from the French chaise longue which means long chairLounges have consistently been a symbol of luxury wealth and power The first formal appearances during the 16th century were at a time when the common man used stools and simple seating making the lounge chair a symbol of authority Centuries later during the 1930s Hollywood starlets could be seen strewn over the chaise chair in a glamorous pose

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Red Bench chaise lounge luxury bedroom decoration
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Posted on Red Bench chaise lounge luxury bedroom decoration

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